How To Make Your WordPress Site Load Faster?

How To Make Your Wordpress Site Load Faster?

No wonder that WordPress is a wonderful site but with just one hamartia – it takes a great deal of time to load. It’s really slow. Not only does it create hassle for repeated users but also you lose your share of subscribers and customers. Well, that’s something that you are really not looking forward to. However, the speed of WordPress can be boosted.

Tips to enhance the speed of WordPress

In order to make WordPress faster, you have to go through the following tips:

  • Choose a good host

When you are beginning your work at WordPress, a shared host may look like you are bargaining. Eventually, when you are sharing a host, the site speed is slow and there is down time frequently, especially in times of high traffic. So, if you plan to publish some popular stuff, you are ruining yourself by running WordPress on a shared host. Instead of being a victim yourself, it is always wise to invest on proper hosting.

  • Start with a solid theme

Well, this is something that is sure to surprise you. Generally, you think that your WordPress theme has no connection with its loading. Well, the truth is you have to keep your theme as simple as possible. Compare a simple WordPress theme to a framework that has humongous features. None of the features are useable. So, what’s the use of stuffing so much! Probably the fastest loading theme is the Thesis Theme Framework. It is perhaps the easiest to customize.How To Make Your WordPress Site Load Faster?

  • Optimize images

While attaching images, make use of Yahoo. Actually there is a system in Yahoo known as This will drastically reduce the size of your image while never compromise with the quality of the image. Well, doing this to each and every mage is damn time consuming! Thankfully, there is a free plugin known as WP – SmushIt. This does the same thing as for all images at the same time automatically.

  • Optimize your homepage

Well, this is not the only thing but one of the few things that you can do to make sure that your homepage is loaded quickly. Since, people will be stepping on the homepage most of the time so make it simple and quickly loaded should be your main focus. Here is a list of things that you should include into the homepage:

  • Use excerpts in places of full posts
  • Reduce the number of posts in the homepage
  • Get rid of unwanted widgets
  • Remove plugins that are inactive
  • Keep it simple bro! Readers want content, not ample widgets
  • Optimize your WordPress database

Either you can do this by adopting the traditional, old-fashioned and boring way or you have another quick technique at hand. Make use of WP – Optimize plugin. This plugin allows you to perform just a solo task – that is – optimization of your database. It reduces the stress that falls upon the WordPress and thereby increases your WordPress loading speed.

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